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4 Perks Of Living In Delhi, Only A Delhiite Can Understand

Like many other cities of India, Delhi too has its own disadvantages, be it population, pollution or safety for women. But, like every coin has two faces, the capital city of India, too has its own perks, which can not be overlooked, no matter what. Dilli has truly strived to win the hearts of its people, and remains the most adored of all.

Visit Delhi, and treat yourself with an egg in your beer, which no other city can offer. There are a myriad of flights running everyday to and fro the city.Check for the discounts and offers, running on every other site for the upcoming vacation period. There are Bangalore to Delhi flight offers, and offers from Mumbai to Delhi. Check the one best suited for you and make way to visit the capital city and unravel its unfathomable depths.

  1. With a population of more than 10 million, which itself is soaring high, Delhi is an overcrowded city. Every market, bus, metro, and even the multi-storeyed houses are bustling with people. Yet, this ‘Dilwalon ki Dilli’ has lively and kind people, who make the very soul of Delhi. Delhi is an abode for people from all over India, who come here in search of a hopeful future, which the city promises. It is a perfect melange of people from all cultures, religions and regions, which brings a healthy diversity in the city, and makes people come closer.

4 Perks Of Living In Delhi, Only A Delhiite Can Understand

  1. Shopping in Delhi, surely is backbreaking and exhausting. There are so many markets blanketed on its landscape, which offer anything and everything. It is a tiresome task to scrounge among these markets and search for the best, but who minds this little task, when you get to save a lot of bucks! On the top of that, there is so much variety of everything, and you can bargain for the best prices.

4 Perks Of Living In Delhi, Only A Delhiite Can Understand

  1. Delhi’s lifeline, the Delhi Metro runs in the heart of the city and even the Delhiites. The Metro trains are always flocked with people, the Delhiites, and there is hardly any chance you will get a seat to sit. Despite of its bustling crowd, it is still the most convenient and preferred means of transport in Delhi, as it connects every nook and corner of the city and assures utmost safety to its citizens. There is good security in the train and even on the platforms, and as compared to the roadways, which every Delhi woman flinch from considering, especially at night, Delhi metro is so much adored by them.

4 Perks Of Living In Delhi, Only A Delhiite Can Understand

  1. Old is gold, especially when it comes to Old Delhi. Old Delhi is considered to be a filthy area, flooded with beggars, wandering animals like dogs, cows, pigs and buffaloes, and is altogether so much crowded, yet there is something in it, which captivated the people and make them trot here. It’s the real charm of Delhi, and houses very old and popular shops, which not only sell clothes and bridal materials, but also are famous for their scrumptious food. The Paranthe Wali Gali is the best example to quote here. Whether it is a working Monday or a gazetted holiday, it is always flocked by the people, who come here to savour the delicious oil drenched parathas. Eating in Old Delhi is one of the best things to do in Delhi. The street food is also famous here, and one can not help gorging on the mouthwatering spicy dishes.

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