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Common Hair Injuries You Could Possibly Suffer From

Even with your most trusted hairdresser, things could still go wrong. When having your hair fixed, chemicals might be used or devices like blowers and curling irons. Anything can happen during the process.

It is understandable for you to stick with the same person whom you trust well enough to do the job. Some others are willing to try out different salons just to see if there could be other better options out there.

The truth is that not all salons have the same standards. Others provide quality training to their hairdressers before asking them to work on an actual customer. There are other salons without high-quality tools and supplies. They settle for cheaper options so they can also lower the prices for their services.

Since you don’t have any idea about the practices of a particular salon, you just go inside and ask for the specific services you need.

These are some of the most common hair injuries in the past that have led a lot of people to file for hair damage claims.

Allergic reactions

This could happen when the wrong chemical is used in your hair, and you were not asked before using the chemicals if you had any allergies and they went on with the procedure anyway.

Burns to the scalp

This could also happen if the wrong chemicals were used or too much of the same chemical was used. When you have your hair dyed, it is perfectly normal to suffer from this burning sensation. However, if it is too much, your scalp could get burned, and it can be very painful.


You definitely don’t want the procedure to end up with baldness. This is true especially for women as it takes time to get the hair back to its original length. Older men who already have a hard time growing their hair also don’t want to suffer from this problem at that point in their lives.

Just in case things don’t go as planned, make sure that you have a legal expert on your side helping you out. You can’t go through this process alone especially if the other party is also willing to fight and not give into your demands right away.

Legal experts who have worked with hair compensation claims in the past know what to do. They can negotiate with the other party so that your requests will be met. For sure, the salon owners will not let this fight drag on as it could also hurt their reputation. Don’t be afraid if you face any of these problems since you did nothing wrong. Medical costs could be very high, and you could also suffer from other issues. The least they can do is compensate you.

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