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Effects Of Aging Skin One Should Be Aware Of

Effects Of Aging Skin One Should Be Aware Of

Some people say that with old age comes wisdom. But you know what else comes with it? Signs of skin aging! But don’t panic yet! Although aging is an uncontrollable process, there are still things you can do to prevent or slow down the hitches that come with it.

So, be sure to stay on the watch for small changes in your skin or body such as the ones listed here. Work on them as soon as you can, and I’m pretty sure your beauty will stay ageless for years to come!

Turkey Neck

As you go closer to your forties, especially if you’re a woman, one of the worst effects of aging on the skin is the sagging of the platysmal muscle or turkey neck. This causes the neck skin to lose elasticity and collagen, making it look like you have the neck of a turkey. This is one of the skin aging signs to look out for.

An easy remedy is wearing long necklaces and printed or ruffled tops, which draw attention away from your neck. Increase your skin collagen by using moisturizers or skin firming creams that contain peptides. You can even do exercises like facial yoga which include lip and chin stretches that can prevent or diminish your turkey neck. When all else fails, try laser treatments or even Botox to firm up the skin on your neck.

Elephant Knees And Elbows

Once your skin gets old, you may also have to deal with wrinkles, dryness, and peeling, more known as elephant knees and elbows which are the most common skin aging signs. A quick fix for this is the use of moisturizers with ammonium lactate or urea to combat dryness. Cover up you wrinkled knees and elbows with tinted body lotion, or exfoliate the dead skin using a brush. You can also decide on taking skin tightening injections, or a knee lift. However, probably the best solution for scrunched up skin is to do yoga, which also strengthens your joints and tightens other tissues.

Age Spots

Dark spots are hyperpigmentation of the skin due to melanin deposits all throughout the body. The main cause of dark spots is excessive extreme exposure of the skin to ultraviolet rays, accelerating the melanin production. This worsens as you grow older, and so age spots are much more common.

The obvious way to steer clear of dark spots is to minimize your exposure to sunlight. Also, eat right and supplement these with vitamins and minerals. Keep yourself hydrated and follow the best dermatological routines and procedures.

Frown Lines

After decades of frowning, the evidence may leave permanent marks on your face. And nobody wants to look all sad and tired even when you’re not, right? Your dawning years may not be the best, but always try to stay happy and contented. Regular exercise also helps keep you radiant and fresh looking. If you do both of these with unapparent results, you can always use products such as line fillers and lift creams to get smoother, younger looking skin!


If you think frowning is the only thing that leaves your face wrinkled, you cannot be more wrong! Fine lines or wrinkles, the most noticeable of all the effects of aging on skin, are due to all kinds of facial expressions, even laughter! The shallow lines along the corners of your eyes are even called laughter lines. They also appear on your forehead and cheeks and become deeper with time. I surely won’t advise you to stop smiling or laughing, but the best prevention measure for wrinkles are proper nutrition, lifestyle and skin care. If you ask me, though, I would prefer embracing wrinkles with the memories that come with them.

Marionette Lines

Marionette lines or the wrinkles extending from the corners of your mouth show up just as lines on your forehead do. Aside from dermal fillers that replace the volume loss around your mouth and chin, keeping yourself hydrated can also help in erasing these lines.

Dark Circles

Due to the reduction of fat and collagen around the eyes, they become less plump, thinner and more sensitive with age. This makes the skin more translucent causing the reddish-blue blood vessels underneath to become more visible, so dark circles appear. Melanin overproduction under the eyes can also make the area appear darker.

To prevent having dark circles, make sure to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep and minimize your exposure to sunlight, pollutants, and stress.

If you become vigilant and watch out for the signs of aging, then it will be easier to prevent them from getting worse. If you enjoy your ripe years and take care of yourself and your body, you’re guaranteed to look younger, longer.

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