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What You Can Expect from Accommodation In Chopta

Whether you are an adventure lover looking for some rugged activity or simply want to relax and enjoy natural beauty, Chopta is the ideal destination. This hamlet in the District of Rudraprayag in the state of Uttarakhand is nowadays becoming popular among both national as well as international tourists. It is especially popular as the point of commencement of a number of trekking routes which lead to Tungnath, Deoriyatal and Chandershilla. Some people also come here for camping purposes while most people combine trekking and camping. For a long time, Chopta was almost unknown to the common masses, which is why there is very less commercialization here.

How to Find Accommodation in Chopta

If you are planning to take a trip to Chopta then it is advisable to do some homework before you embark on the trip. It is not likely to be able to find accommodation in Chopta online because most of the hotels do not have an online presence. Hence the best option is to consult a travel agency in order to find good hotels in Chopta. The best part is that these agencies will be able to book hotel rooms for you at a much more reasonable price than you can yourself. This is because the hotel room rates here are negotiable and the travel agents are more likely to strike a good deal for you. Another reason is that the travel agencies usually have tie ups with the local hotels which give them special rates. If you are unable to find a hotel, then you can opt for a home stay with one of the families who have a spare room. Chopta also has some good resorts where you can find good amenities. During the peak season the GarhwalMandalVikas Nigam Ltd. also opens up its guesthouses to the public and these are a very economical option for stay in Chopta. If you are unable to find any accommodation here then you can check out th neighboring Tungnath and Gopeshwar.

Facts About Accommodation in Chopta

The hotels in Chopta are small but clean and you will be able to get all the basic amenities required for a comfortable stay. The bedrooms and bathrooms are well appointed and some of the rooms also have air conditioning. In the winters many adventurers come to Chopta for snow trekking and for the visitors in winters there is the facility of room heating. The meals you get in Chopta are tasty and healthy as you will mostly get Indian cuisine here. However, due to the outside influence it is also possible to get other fancy food at some of the hotels and restaurants.

The Warm and Friendly Culture of Chopta

The people of the Garhwal region are well-known for their simplicity and hospitable nature. The same qualities are visible in the staff of the hotels and other people who provide accommodation here. The best part about staying in Chopta is that you will get a taste of the local culture which is very different from the urbanized culture and more close to nature. The local hotel staff will help you to arrange trips to nearby villages and hamlets where you can mee the local people and maybe even buy some handicrafts from them.

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