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6 Gorgeous Places For Adventure Tours In Croatia

There is nothing as fulfilling as having an active holiday in Croatia. This small country has the best beach environment in the whole of Europe. Its year round sun, idyllic islands as well as super historic urban centers have beautiful natural attractions for you. The sweeping coastal cliffs will amaze your family and close associates. Here are just five of the places you should not miss while in Croatia.

Zagorje Region

This is a stretch to Slovenian broader from Zagreb in the north. You will enjoy numerous medieval castles on this picturesque Zagorje region. Thermal springs and hilltop vineyards are among the amazing scenes that dot the region. In addition, Krapina is a historic town that will satisfy your exploration deeires. Trakošćan Castle is a fairy-tale destination thus have a look as you sojourn the traditional wine taverns. Additionally, hiking in the scenic highlands is a worthy venture.


Plitvice National Park

The azure lakes have this natural wilderness for you. The mountains are forested and tumbling waterfalls are creations you have to set your eye on. Note that Plitvice Lakes National Park is a place you have to visit due to its central natural contribution to Croatia. It is a Natural Heritage site listed by UNESCO. Hiking around the sixteen interconnected lakes will be a fun activity to your young family members. Keep your eyes open for the prowling woodland lynx and brown bear. The travertine dams are a natural formation.


As you move from Split to Dubrovnik, Makarska is a good stop for you. It has a colorful harbor with lively beaches on the craggy Mount Biokovo peak. It is a calmer alternative compared to the surrounding options. It is a recommended place for family where you can take a ferry to Brač Island or attend Pirate Festival in Omis.



Dubrovnik walking tours are an opportunity for you to experience Croatia adventure holidays – the overlooking Lovrijenac fortress, dramatic cliff top and terracotta-colored rooftops on the imposing sea walls. This most visited European destination has been self-proclaimed as the Pearl of the Adriatic. It is recommended that you have a clear view by boarding a cable car to the famous peak of Mount Srd . Furthermore, having a scenic walk during the day along great city walls is something you should try. There is also Old Town that has grand baroque churches, the magnificent Sponza Palace and shimmering marble streets. This made it to be listed by UNESCO.

Mljet National Park

This is the south most Croatian island. It had expansive greenery with glittering saltwater lakes, shaded lagoons and dense pine forests. If you love outdoor fun then this is a worthy walk. You can make use of biking and hiking trails coupled up with kayaking and wreck diving. Round up your journey in the eerie Odysseus’s cave.


Peljesac Peninsula

Do you love wine? If the answer is yes then this destination has the best tasting wine in whole Croatia. Postup and Dingac are some of the most acclaimed brands natured here. This is a stretch to Korcula Island from the mainland with the bunch of Croatia holiday villas. After having a taste of the famous wine from various wineries, Mali Ston will give you a chance to see local mussels and oysters. In addition, Viganj winding hotspot is a place you should go to catch some water waves. Your exploits will not be complete without scaling Sveti Ilija Mountain.

In conclusion, Croatia should be your next holiday stop in Europe. Visit the mentioned places so that you have a lifetime experience. You can also try out Rovinj, Kornati islands and Zagreb. The venture will be worth each and every penny you spend.

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