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Solid Tips To Shoot Awesome Wedding Video

Shooting videos of nature and other artifacts is totally different from shooting a wedding video. While shooting a wedding, each and every expression needs to be captured smartly. This is what makes you a great videographer. From the quality of camera to the tool kit , every single entity gives hint of your great shooting skills.

Let’s dive into the tips you can shoot an awesome wedding video without any headache.

Avoid Shooting Excessive Footage: Generally, it has been seen that while shooting a wedding video, you make numerous footages. It’s really hard for you to retain all of them and make a proper sequence at the end. So, you should prefer creating a limited number of videos with long length instead of clicking shot videos with numerous counts.

The reason behind is that to achieve the perfect trail video of 3-5 minutes, photographers are generally trained to shoot short clips instead of a long one.

Keep Audio Backup Ready (Audio is very important): During a wedding party, hubbub is all what you can hear all around. And in such situation, it’s hard to record the audio with the ongoing happenings. So, make sure you multiple audio sources to record audio from every moment of the event.

Ensure that your camera is fully capable to capture quality sound from the surroundings. In case you encounter a doubt, maintain external recorders with you. The scenario gets worse with the start of DJ sound. It becomes a trouble to record during DJ timings. So, tune yourself according to the DJ operator.

Be Light & Fast: The technology has taken a huge leap. And as a result, all the heavy essentials are totally moved into small gadgets. So are the cameras. Today, it’s easy to capture the 100th frame of a moment with crisp clarity; and that’s all with the help of a DSLR, HD digital cameras. You must be active enough to change the lenses and stabilization gear, whenever required.

Stability is The Key:As already said that moment capturing is not anyhow a problematic situation. But still you must be stable while doing wedding photography. While switching between a tripod, monopod, glide cam, slider, or a shoulder rig, always maintain the stability.

At many places, you may even be allocated a conservative area, so you need to work within that limited space. At that time too, you must be able to switch between your requirements.

Don’t Forget the Traditional Shoots:With every new video shoot, you will experiment a new way. But the value of traditional shoots will totally be incomparable. Tradition is what will be live throughout the centuries. Wedding Videos in Cheshire shows the best example. Andy Goldsworthyis one of the renowned photographers of Cheshire who used to include traditional shoots.

So, what are you upto now? Are you still running the old video shooting format?

If YES, it’s time to readout the points and develop your own way to be famous for.


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