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7 Surprising Benefits Of Avocado For A Long and Healthy Life

The avocado is a plant which is going to bring you a whole lot of beneficial properties, and some of them might surprise you. In any case, it’s amongst the most beneficial foods that you could implement into your diet as it brings a whole lot of advantages naturally. Let’s take a look at 7 of them that are going to surprise you.

1. It absorbs other nutrients

The avocado is heavily rich in fat content which makes it a lot easier for it to absorb fat soluble such as the vitamin A, K, D as well as E. This, on the other hand, is going to significantly increase the overall nutritional value that you get from the majority of foods. However, it’s also incorporated in a wide range of weight loss shakes as it’s high in nutrients and it’s going to provide a great substitute for a wide range of other ingredients, thus stimulating the proper weight loss process without introducing a harming factor to your organism.

2. Reduced the risk of particular cancer diseases

The avocado has a potent mix of powerful anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant characteristics which are going to make them a proper combatant against some particular types of cancerous diseases affecting the skin, prostate, and your mouth. A study, which was posted in a journal called Seminars in Cancer Biology back in 2007 determined that the phytochemicals found in the avocado can induce arrest of skin cells, inhibit the growth as well as induce apoptosis in particular precancerous as well as cancerous cell lines. This is particularly beneficial and highly effective.

3. It relieves symptoms of arthritis

Now, it’s worth noting that it’s not going to provide you with a cure for the condition, but it’s going to help you out. There are quite a few common types of arthritis and avocados are going to help you with both osteoarthritis and arthritis-related pain through the ASU, which stands for avocado soybean unsaponifiable. This is an extract which is going to increase the synthesis of collagen, and it’s going to introduce a potent anti-inflammatory agent battling the condition effectively.

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4. It’s going to lower your cholesterol

The fruit is filled with fats which are particularly good for you. One of these is the monounsaturated fat which is going to provide you with additional benefits which are surely going to help with the bad cholesterol. This is mainly because the avocados are particularly high in beta-sitosterol which is a compound that’s capable of lowering the levels of blood cholesterol and thus eliminating the negative effects of the same.

5. Improves the health of your heart

Furthermore, the avocado is going to significantly boaster the health of your heart through the mono and polyunsaturated fats which are going to reduce the cholesterol levels. This was explained in the previous step, so it’s just worth mentioning that bad cholesterol is one of the most common reasons for heart-related issues.

6. Improves the health of your eyes

One ounce of avocado has 81 micrograms of lutein and two phytonutrients which are essential for the health of your eyes. They are acting as antioxidants in your eyes and thus are going to reduce properly the risk of developing eye conditions related to your age.

7. Promotes the weight loss process

This particular weight loss creamy consistence which is going to significantly help you battle your weight and reduce it. This is because it has between six and seven grams of fiber which is going to help you feel full while you aren’t going to receive as many nutrients.

All in all, it’s safe to say that the avocado is a super fruit which is going to help you with quite a few things. This is particularly beneficial, and you should most certainly consider incorporating it into your overall diet plan. It goes great with salads and a wide range of different meals. It’s got a proper taste, and you could easily get used to it. For more information of the kind, you might want to subscribe to the health news to receive more valuable content of the kind.

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Kathy Mitchell is an experienced nutrition and weight management consultant. She is contributing to Consumer Health Digest. She has written reviews on many supplements like Nitrovit brain supplement. Follow her on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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