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style your white shirt

Chic Ways To Style A White Shirt

The white t-shirt is an essential part of any closet. Whether you wear it all the time or it hasn’t been out for a few years, it’s time to breathe new life into the white tee. Summer is an especially good time to break out the white, since the season is full of invigorating colors and busy patterns. For tips on how to style your white shirt in new and fashionable ways, read on for fashionable tips to styling a classic.

Make a Statement

A white shirt has an inherent versatility, as it can make an outfit more exciting; with a bright white and simple silhouette, it can also balance the energy of an ensemble. Using a women’s t-shirt to tone down a statement piece is easy. Depending on how bright the fabric and the cut is, a white shirt can be exactly what you need to bring out the boldness in a wild skirt, while keeping your outfit under control.

Match It Up

White Outfits

If white is your go-to summer color, then white tees are a staple for your all of your outfits. Many make the mistake of matching white jeans or slacks with a white top. A blouse with fringe, buttons, or lace details can create confusion in an all-white ensemble. Looking sleek is simple when you keep your lines clean and focused.

A white shirt is also great to complement other light colors in your wardrobe. You can wear it with beige, tawny, lavender, champagne, or periwinkle.

Break It Apart

White tees can also act as the focal point of an outfit instead of just the complementary piece. For those who love wearing all-leather outfits or a completely black ensemble, a slouchy white shirt can make the outfit interesting and less intimidating. With skinny jeans and a tight leather jacket, a loose shirt with a wide collar relaxes the constricting personality of your clothes without compromising the look.

 Mix, Match, and Layer

Mixing and matching as well as layering is a trend that has yet to fall out of style. Mixing bold prints or matching complementary colors works much better when you have a neutral piece to act as a barrier between conflicting designs or hues. A blue and white polka dotted jacket with a black and white striped skirt looks amazing with a white shirt due to the fluidity of the white color in each pattern.

White tees work just as well for layering as they do for mixing and matching. When a white shirt acts as a buffer between conflicting pieces, its neutral hue seamlessly knits each pattern, color, and print together. Graphic tees or shirts with colors are particularly fun to layer, as the collar or design can make your ensemble exciting.

Don’t Forget the Shoes

Keeping an outfit cohesive is a fanciful, yet delicate balance—but it can be achieved if you choose to match your shoes with your top. Whether you have all-white kicks, boat shoes with white details, or strappy heels with flowers on a white background, a white shirt will draw attention to your trendy footwear. With matching shirt and shoes, you can wear any other color or pattern and still look put together.

Complement the Bottom

Skirts embody the summer: whether long, short, or midi, skirts are everywhere. With a plain tee or a collared shirt, a billowing skirt adds volume and pizzaz to your body, while an A-line hem creates sophistication and elegance. Pair a loose, linen tee with a red, high-waisted piece or combine a fitted, deep V-neck tee with a polka-dotted, mushroom mini for flirty outfits that welcome the summer season anywhere you go.


White tees look great with more than just skirts; you can wear them with capris, shorts, and jeans as well. The wilder your bottom, the more simple your shirt should be. If you’ve chosen a set of ripped, distressed jeans, bring out the milky tee. If you’re wearing bright red pants with tiny black polka dots, you’ll want an ivory t-shirt. If high-waisted pants with flower trim is your thing, it’s time to bring out that clean snowy blouse.

 The Simple Tee

Most people disregard t-shirts as boring loungewear that is only appropriate as pajamas or workouts. However, tees are useful in any kind of outfit. Depending on the cut and fabric, they can effortlessly make an outfit elegant or casual, so bring that white tee out of the back of your closet and let it shine bright. If you’re lacking some simple shirts to go with any outfit, it’s time to replenish your closet with these seasonal wardrobe essentials. Avoid looking bland this season and go bold with outfits that reflect the summer sun.

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