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Custom Printed Bags To Support Your Brand

If you have a beautiful website, a creative logo, and a steady stream of sales, then you may be wondering how you can expand your business and create brand recognition. One way to create a recognizable brand is by printing your name and logo on merchandise, including pens, stationery, stickers, and, bags. Here are a few ways that custom printed bags can work to support your brand.

Different Styles

Although some businesses may already have bags for packaging their merchandise, any bag—whether plastic paper, or canvas—can benefit from an emblazoned logo. When considering a custom printed bag for your business, you’ll need to review the products you sell. For example, an expensive jewelry boutique should never package their products in plastic grocery bags. Find the bag that not only suits your business, but communicates your brand to both the consumer and the mass public.

Printing Techniques

When emblazoning your logo on a bag, there are several printing methods available: hot stamp, flexographic, ink printed, and rubber stamping are just a few viable options.

Hot stamping is an efficient method of branding your bags—a thin foil layer is stamped onto a plastic or paper bag in matte or metallic colors. Since the stamp does not blend with the fibers of the bag, the colors stay crisp and bright, no matter the color or material of the bag.

Flexographic printing is a very cost effective imprinting process that uses a flexible photopolymer plate on a rotating drum. This technique can be used on almost any kind of material including plastic, metallic film, cellophane, and paper. Due to its quick drying ink and the ability to withstand millions of impressions, this method can handle a high volume of printing.

Standard ink printing is done with regular ink—essentially the same kind as those used in an inkjet printer. Since the ink seeps into the material of the bag, the results may typically vary in color, depending on the color and material of the bag. It is one of the most economical printing methods, as metal tubes roll the stamp on each bag as it passes by on a conveyor belt.


Most businesses sell products of different shapes and sizes. In order to accommodate any product, it’s best to have several different sizes available. Since most bags come in a wide variety of sizes, there should be no problem collecting several sizes to fit your business needs. It’s best to have three basic sizes that can be used interchangeably.

DIY or Custom

Some business owners meet both requirements of the DIY marketplace—they are crafty and have the resources to hand make their products. For those who have the time, make your own bags with a few tutorials!


Whether a business has just opened its doors or has had years to build a reputation, brand recognition is a vital ingredient for success. Don’t underestimate the power of your logo on a bag, pen, or mug. Each time anyone interacts with your brand, you have an opportunity to advertise and convert them into loyal customers. Include branded bags into your daily business and watch your company flourish!

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