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Top 3 Types Of Folding Arm Awnings For Your Home

Awnings are an incredibly popular option for homes, and businesses, around the world. They provide shade and weather protection, as well as extending your outdoor living space for activities, such as entertaining guests. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars to add an extension to your home, you can choose to add an awning instead. This will extend your space, for a fraction of the cost, giving you a great, usable outdoor area.

Thinking of adding an awning to your home? If you are, you’ll have a lot of awning options to choose from, including a folding arm awning. Folding arm awnings are excellent, if you want to be able to benefit from an awning, but still be able to save space, when it’s not in use. To learn more, see below for the top three types of folding arm awnings in Melbourne, which you can choose from:

Full Cassette

Full cassette awnings have characteristically fully enclosable headboxes, which protect them from damages, when they are not in use. They are fully retractable, which means that they can be used whenever they are needed, and put away, with full protection. If the awning is fully motorised, this is a great feature to protect the mechanical properties of your awning.


  • Added protection of fabric, and internal components, from damages- elements, animals, and more
  • Sleek, architectural design of headboxes, which hide all internal components, when closed
  • They can be added to vehicles, such as motor homes, without affecting the aerodynamics

Semi Cassette

Semi cassette awnings are very similar to cassette awnings. They provide some, but only partial, protection. The box only covers part of the awning, but still provides mechanical protection. They are more affordable than full cassette awnings, which is one of the reasons that they are so incredibly popular. They come at all price points, so everyone can afford one for their home.


  • Semi covered headbox, sleek and attractive
  • Arms and fabric are only visible from underneath the awning
  • A less expensive alternative to a full cassette folding arm
  • Still provides protection for your awning
  • Generally comes with crank or motorised control options
  • More flexibility of placements of mounting brackets

Standard Folding Arm

Last but not least, standard folding arm awnings are foldable and retractable, but they do not have a head box. They are simple to use, and offer a great source of outdoor protection, anywhere. They are often hand-operated, but they can be motorised. (Many are motorised, for easy use.)

They are very popular, especially as a more economic option. Folding arm awnings are designed to give you the basics, and provide a great, durable outdoor option, to extend your space for entertainment and activities.

  • Basic design
  • Most economically priced, of all types of folding awnings
  • Can be supplied with headbox, as well- as an add-on
  • Controls come with standard crank operation (but it can be motorised)

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