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Heat & Spotlight: Items That Will Help You Stand Out This Summer

Heat & Spotlight: Items That Will Help You Stand Out This Summer

Time is going by, and each season there is a particular indication on how to dress. Since things are moving forward, it is time for men to step up their fashion. For the winter and fall season, people are opting to wear thicker fabrics, subtle patterns, and darker colors. While for summer and spring, people likes to stick with bold patterns, brighter colors, and light fabrics. The items are mostly available in a  Woman’s Clothing and a Man’s Clothing section.

There is no reason for men to look dull and not have any fun juices during the summer season. Summer is the perfect time for men to get out of their comfort zone and think about embracing new summer outfits. Summer is also the season to celebrate and adopt lazy, long, sun-filled days.

Even if it is summer, it is not an excuse for men to wear fewer clothes that will look crap on them. It is already understandable that some men do not have the leisure to invest in particular items. Of course, it is also the time to stand out while having fun. It doesn’t matter how much is the budget or time men have. Here are the items that will help men in standing out from the crowd.

The Shirts

Heat & Spotlight: Items That Will Help You Stand Out This Summer

Since it is summer, sweating a lot is normal. There is nothing a man can do to tame the sweats. However, choosing the appropriate fabric can allow the skin to breathe and prevent the body from getting overheated.

It is advisable to avoid fabrics such as polyester, rayon, and nylon, especially if a man doesn’t want to be a sweaty mess. Those fabrics don’t absorb sweat, and they trap heat which can cause a cocooned-like feeling with the body’s heat. It is best if men will stick with summer-friendly materials.

Cotton. Cotton is ideal for summer because it is durable, breathable, soft and a natural moisture absorber. It is ideal for savvy pieces like blazers and t-shirts, where men would want to retain a garment’s silhouette and sharp cut.

When buying an item with cotton material, it is better to stick with cream or beige color, which are all on trend and perfect for parties and weddings.

Linen. Linen is a perfect fabric for summer because it is durable, long-lasting, resistant to stretching and breathable. But the major downside of linen is that it creases easily. Still, men can embrace the wrinkles and think of it as part of the style. Wearing linen will add a quality of style to any chosen look.

Seersucker. Helps in increasing airflow that will increase the chances of sweating too much, seersucker is an ideal fabric for summer. Since it is from cotton with loose tension weave, it is a material that hangs away from the skin.

Madras. The common material found in sports coats, shorts, and trousers. Madras owned its spot as an ideal material that will give comfort during summer. It is also a lightweight cotton fabric that helps in lessening perspiration.

Bonus Fashion Tip. Dressed in a simple Oxford shirt matched with shorts is a great Summer outfit. However, men can try different styles of shirts and break any conventional designs to rock an outfit best for summer. Sites online such as Seed Heritage offer a variety of shirts.

Also, shirt with short sleeve designs is every man’s obvious choice since it is versatile and will match with everything such as jeans or lightweight chinos. It is an outfit that is perfect for a casual day out.

The Suits

Heat & Spotlight: Items That Will Help You Stand Out This Summer

When men talk about summer, they usually don’t take a formal dress in consideration, and men have encountered a workday dilemma during Summer. Even if it’s Summer, it doesn’t give men an excuse not to look smart while going to work. However, after commuting in the heat, it is possible that they could look like soaked puppies when they reach the office.

Linen is a favorable choice for men to wear on Summer workdays. It is lightweight but still can give a man a firm finish. It will also help achieve a sleek look while still feeling fresh and staying cool.

Bonus Fashion Tip. Choose a mix of linen and cotton materials since which are both staples for the season. With those materials in the clothing, a man can have a breathable suit that won’t crease like the pure linen. Match the suit up with a cotton shirt and suede loafers. It is an outfit that is ready for office without looking like a sweaty mess.

The Shorts

Heat & Spotlight: Items That Will Help You Stand Out This Summer

A pair of shorts is a distinct item for summer. It has the ability tool to make one look or feel preppy, lightweight and fresh, or worst, awful. Men must ensure that they avoid the awful stage since it can give bad publicity to their fashion style. Here are some guidelines that men should follow to avoid looking awful while wearing shorts.

Don’t go too short. It is ideal for shorts to have a length just above the knee. Anything that goes higher will look a little awkward. The public doesn’t need to see the legs of the wearer no matter how great it is, and no one wants to see much of the thigh when the person is in public.

Keep things trim. Both baggy and super tight shorts are not ideal for summer. Men need to wear shorts that will let them feel the breeze in their nether regions.

Choose the materials wisely. The materials that matter for suits and shirts will also matter for the legwear. Denim shorts are already out of the question. Chambray material is a good alternative since it can give the same texture and it is lightweight.

Have some choices. Fresh summer clothes for men are priceless, so they need to make sure they have different options. Linen, tailored shorts for sleek casual looks, chambray shorts for casual style, and some bright colored shorts to have a vibrant finish.

Pick the right footwear. Plimsolls and shorts is a classic and comfortable combination, while brogues and shorts are not. Loafers plus shorts creates a sleek and tailored combination while boots and shorts are not. The combinations that don’t match is already evident, and men need to double check if they haven’t dressed as Frankenstein’s Halloween outfit.

Bonus Fashion Tip. Wearing shorts will work well with a blazer jacket. For a cool summer night, it is ideal to wear denim shorts paired with T-shirt and sweater. Dressed in a blazer with shirt and tailored shorts will work perfectly in giving a casual and smart look.

The Shoes

Heat & Spotlight: Items That Will Help You Stand Out This Summer

Loafers are the perfect shoes that men can wear during the warmer months. It is a classic footwears that men wore for years already. Loafers’ versatility makes it the best footwear because it works in any outfit.

Leather loafers look perfect for simple outfits. However, it can get a little hot. Men must invest in no-show socks for them to avoid sweaty and smelly feet. Or men can choose a softer and breathable pair of suede loafers design to avoid sweaty feet. There is no restriction for a casual or formal look when it comes to men’s summer fashion.

Bonus Fashion Tip. Wear loafers with some oxford shirt and summer short. For a more casual look, men can wear their fave jeans, a plain t-shirt and slip a pair of loafers.

The Accessories

Heat & Spotlight: Items That Will Help You Stand Out This Summer

Since the temperature is rising and some men have restrictions in the clothes that they wear. Accessories can give impact to the simple clothes that men are wearing. The fine details are also important to complete a look.

Numerous summer ready accessories can help heighten men’s fashion. Accessories such as a bracelet, statement sunglasses, a watch will stand out with a hat that will match the outfit.


For men to stand out this summer, it is important for them to stick with simple clothing while focusing on the comfortable fit and right materials. It is a smart move for them to invest in some clothes that are summer staples, with those items they can already create various looks without looking boring and spending too much.

They can also play around with different styles mixing and matching all the available pieces in their wardrobe. Men just need to remember the basic guidelines and stick on the essential pieces that they need.

To sum everything up, men need shorts, shirts, and suits that have breathable fabrics like linen and cotton. Both can give men comfort without compromising the style. And for the footwear, men can stick to loafers for a casual and smart look.

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