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Hung Curd Recipes To Savour

One might get a little confused if they hear the word hung curd. It is nothing but when the yogurt is drained from all the loose water it has, then it is known as hung curd. One has to tie the curd in a muslin clothe and then leave it hanging for three to four hours so that all the water present in that drains out. Then it becomes a bundle of curd from which all the water is squeezed out. Now what is the advantage of taking water out from the curd? The answer is, this curd can be stored for a longer time and it does not get sour easily. One can use this hung curd in many cooking recipes as they add to the flavour.

One can also make hung curd dip so that it can be a perfect combination to some fried dishes or hot alooparatha. Basically it can easily replace cheese dips, white sauce or mayonnaise. Shrikhand for example is a very popular Indian dessert which is made from hung curd. There are a lot of benefits of eating hung curd as well. This can regulate the cholesterol level and high blood pressure in a human body. Yogurt is something which is permanent in every refrigerator of Indian houses. Natural yogurt is always without sugar, without flavour or any other additions. They are mainly white in colour with a creamy texture to it and one can easily include them in their healthy diet regime. They are mostly low fat but no fat yogurt is also available in the market. One can always mix ripe fruits with yogurt and have them as this is very healthy. This is so easy to digest that those who are lactose intolerant can also consume.

Yogurt has different flavours in different parts of the world. In Europe it is extremely smooth and creamy. In India it is known as ‘dacha’ and it has a bit of sour taste with excess of heavy water. In Iceland, they say that yogurt is made from skimmed milk and it tastes more like a cheese than a yogurt. One can have yogurt with fresh fruits, raisins and almonds as a healthy breakfast. One can also cook different dishes with this.

  • Strained Yogurt: This is actually a plain yogurt and once all the water is strained out it becomes very creamy. By this, one can make some delicious smoothies which are very much needed in hot and sultry days.
  • Yogurt Dip: this is absolutely a cream based yogurt dip which has some crunchy peanuts and onions in it. If one needs to know how to make a hung curd dip then this is the easiest recipe possible. Once done, it can be used as a salad dressing or can be eaten as simple dips with starters.
  • Yogurt Kebabs: this one is very unconventional and the kebabs have a base of cottage cheese, oats, almonds, raisins and peppers. They are crispy from outside and creamy from inside.

Go ahead and make these delicacies.

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