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Learn About Different Liberty Gun Safe Models

Learn About Different Liberty Gun Safe Models

Various studies clearly show that Liberty safes are the number one selling brand in the United States of America. The company, Liberty Safes and Security Products, INC has been making top quality gun safes for past 28 years and they also have been putting sincere and committed efforts to serve their customers with utmost accountability. Liberty gun safes have become the synonym for superior engineering and quality and, this company hates to see any weak links in their manufacturing process. Their unflinching commitment to excellence has won them a large number of existing customers and the recent trends indicate that this number is going to reach new heights in the immediate future.

Highly Reliable Liberty Gun Safes

The gun safes manufactured by the company offers highest protection when you really need it and ensure speedy access when you want it to open. All Liberty products undergo rigorous testing to check the quality and reliability and, the performance of the gun safes always exceed the expectations of the users.

Learn About Different Brands Offered by Liberty


All unbiased Liberty gun safe reviews clearly suggest that it is the perfect option for those who are on a budget and they are available in 12, 18 and 24 gun safe models. It is the best brand among the entry-level safes and the top quality engineering process makes it highly long lasting and tough as well. These products have 30 minutes for fire protection at 1200 Degree Fahrenheit and they also come with the highly beneficial Palusol heat-expanding seal.


If you want to offer best protection for your valuables at an affordable price, Revere is one of the best choices available in the market and this product comes with a 2- piece steel body and 40 minutes of fire protection at 1200 Degree Fahrenheit. Revere is available in two sizes (RV23 and RV 30) and Palusol heat-expanding seal is included in both versions.


This model offers 50% more fire protection than other Liberty gun safes and 60 minutes of fire protection at 1200 Fahrenheit can be associated with this product. The Colonial series is available in 9 color options and they can be described as powerful gun safes. You can find this brand in three popular sizes and they include 23, 30 and 50 as well. The dynamic door panel allows more storage options and the Palusol heat activated door seal expands around 7 times its original size and it seals the door edge in the best manner to keep away the smoke and heat.


According to Liberty, the Franklin series is made to last and you can come across 11 beautiful finish options. It offers good storage space and the fire protection capability is 75 minutes at 1200 Degree Fahrenheit. Other features of this model include interior lights, deluxe door panel and an electric outlet kit and, many people are of the opinion that Franklin is one of the toughest vaults available in the market. This model expands up to seven times its size and the triple case hardened steel plates protect the safe against drill attacks.


If you are looking for bigger tougher and stronger Liberty gun safes, Lincoln series is the most suitable option available in the market and the fire protection capability is 90 minutes at 1200 Degree Fahrenheit. You do not need to worry about drill attacks with these Liberty gun safes and they come with a special jewelry draweras well.


It can be described as a model packed with highly beneficial fire and security features and, this series offers the best fire protection available in the market with 2.5 hour fire rating at 1200 Degree Fahrenheit. Three vital components such as dynamic hard plate, 7 gauge steel body and gear drive mechanism with a slip clutch combine well to offer inimitable security and it also comes with 5-point wheel handle, elegant edge finishes and amazingly beautiful interior. If you are looking for the best Liberty gun safes that offer ultimate peace of mind, it is the best option available.

It can be said that Liberty safes offer a harmonious blend of quality and cost effectiveness and, all impartial Liberty gun safe reviews reassert this conclusion without a shadow of doubt as well.

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