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Modern and Contemporary Arts- Knowing Them Better

Even though the meaning of ‘Modern’ and ‘Contemporary’ is the same however, they’re not, when it comes to the arena of art. Therefore, if till today you believe that modern art and contemporary art symbolize the art objects of same era or contemporaries than just amend the thought before you make your next trip to an art gallery. With this basic information, you can better understand the similarity as well as difference of countless art of works composed in modern and contemporary era.

To be precise, modern arts are those artistic works which are created by great artists during the period beginning from 1880s and ending in 1970s. Importantly, contemporary art immediately follows this ending period of modern art. So whichever art creation you see in art gallery made prior to 1970 should be considered as Modern art.

In fact, with this specific issue of era, there are plenty of arguments among art enthusiasts, nevertheless most of them concludes that 1860s to the 1970s is the golden period of modern art. One major issue which has been found that artists of modern era were aimed to abandon the traditional thoughts of ancient art, and together they tried to follow a new way to visualize and describe art with a new approach.

If you visit the major art galleries like Mark Borghi Fine Art in New York and view displaying of brilliant paintings, watercolors, fine arts composed by distinguished artists, you can understand this difference of approach in art creation. As a matter of fact, the outlook of traditional artists was to represent the realism of different subjects through narratives. These arts are also considered as classic arts. In modern art, however, objects of art are found rather abstract and bold. Modern Art that bring Modernism is a period when the term ‘-ism’s in art has been found at the upper most limit for example Expressionism, Impressionism, Fauvism, Post-Impressionism, Cubism; Dadaism in addition to Pop art.

Founded in 1998, by the well-known art lover, professional and art dealer Mark Borghi of the Mark Borghi Fine Art gallery has been acknowledged as one of most chosen art galleries in New York and Fl. Among his three major art galleries two are located in NY and one is in Florida. All the galleries owned by Mr. Mark are great assets of the city and boast well designed porches that facilitate every visitor at the gallery to view different work creations in a peaceful way. Especially on the holidays, weekend and during retrospective shows when the galleries get swarmed with countless art lovers, the great layout and disciplined gallery staff of the gallery let everyone enjoy the magnificence of these art creations.

Mark Borghi is basically a globally distinguished art lover and as a dealer of art paintings, abstracts and watercolors he is extremely popular to art lovers due to his massive collection of great art pieces. One of his art galleries is situated in Palm Springs, Florida. All through the year, these art galleries showcase masterpiece creations of artists like Joan Mitchell, Richard Prince, Andy Warhol, Hans Hoffman and more.

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