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Revolutionary Tips That Will Help Moms In Designing A Nursery

Revolutionary Tips That Will Help Moms In Designing A Nursery

Welcoming a baby is a reason for celebration. As parents, we would like to mark the arrival of the new addition to our family by decorating their room. However, for new parents designing a nursery room is both complicated and thrilling at the same time.

There are various ways to design a baby’s room. Since you and your newborn will spend a lot of time in the nursery, it is important to consider the choices and choose things that will simplify a task. There is no need to just focus on decorations only, but parents must also deem the safety and comfort of their baby.

Making The Baby’s Room Safe

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When preparing the baby’s room, safety should be the priority. Before the baby’s arrival, always check the arrangements if they are safe. It is important to do it in advance since everyone is going to be busy after the baby’s birth. Make sure that nothing could fall inside the crib. Also, the baby’s crib should be in a safe corner. Keep in mind not to place the crib next to a shelf or wardrobe. It is the most common place that something might fall in the crib.

Also, the crib should have a sufficient distance from the door, window, and air conditioner. It helps in avoiding any direct drafts that can give the baby a cold. Use a soft light so that it will be easier to see everything when entering the nursery during night time.

Do not leave inflammable things near the crib and make sure to get rid of all sharp corners and object in the room. Before putting the baby to sleep in the crib, make sure to remove all stuffed toys, it can cause disturbance to their sleep.

If the budget permits, consider on investing for a wireless baby monitor. It can help in letting you work around the house while still paying attention to the baby. There are a lot of baby monitors that have video cameras and allows the receiver to see the baby through a monitor.

Make sure that everything needed is within easy reach of the changing table

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While designing the nursery, after prioritizing the baby’s safety and comfort, it is now time to think about your comfort. Think of wipes, diapers, and anything that you’ll be needing to clean the poop of your baby’s butt.

There is no need to have an accidental rolling off because the wipes are not within reach. Always make sure that every needed supply is within easy reach of the changing table. This kind of setting will give you comfort and can ease any worries of leaving the baby while changing their diapers.

Color Harmony

Choosing the colors for the baby’s room is a lot of fun. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money just to make the room attractive and lovely.  If there’s a need for help in choosing the colors, consult the color wheel. There is no reason to stick to colors like blue and pink. Complementary colors could also work well if manipulated appropriately.

The colors that are opposite on the color wheel like orange and green makes the best partners. Also, it is a good idea to incorporate quiet and soft colors like baby blue and light pink. Consider using more than one color to make the room more lively and playful.

A helpful tip also is to avoid using lead paint on the wall since it can be dangerous to the baby. Make sure to paint the walls in advance because there won’t be enough time doing it when the baby arrives.

Furniture Unification

For the decorations, try purchasing items that can complement both the home decoration and nursery theme. You can try putting a play mat in the living room that will give the baby a safe place to enjoy and explore. The mat can have designs like zoo animals that will reflect the current nursery theme.

It is also perfect if the leather is in the brown shade. Choosing those type of items will give a uniformity to the designs. It also gives the whole house a new touch without having to change the entire interior. It is also perfect because it will complement other areas of the home.

Creating Baby Stations

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Creating baby station’s around the house can save a lot of time for all mother. There is no need to run back the nursery especially if it’s already time to change baby’s diaper. Create station where you can put sock bins, shelves or baskets then put changing pads, burp cloths, diapers and other items that you might need.

You can use containers that will match the home’s decor. Also, you can buy mattresses and place it in some parts of the house where you can lay down and let the baby play.


There is always a pang of excitement when a baby is coming. As parents, we want the best for them. Giving your child comfort and safety is at the top of our list. Some even spend tons of money to design the best bedroom for their newborn. It is normal for parents to think that way. However, the tips above can help parents in deciding the best designs for a nursery. You can get a lot of beds from sites such as Beds Online and other online sources as well.

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