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How To Avoid Being Overheated When Participating In Summer Sports?

When temperature is rising, it is the time for the summer sports. In this case, we should know how to properly handle the hotter weather, especially because we need to deal with the heat and intense sunlight. There are many health issues associated with having intense activities under a blazing sun. It could range from a mild sunburn and fatal heatstroke. In general, we could stay safe by listening to our body and do proper steps. In this case, we could excel in the peak of the summer, while keeping ourselves healthy. There are a number of realistic steps that we could choose. As an example, we should avoid from becoming overheated by staying in places where we can get lower temperature.

If possible, we should stay in the shade or in air-conditioned rooms, between training or competitive sessions. We should avoid being under the sun when it is not necessary. Although staying under the blazing orb can feel great after cold winter and spring; it could actually overheat our body, make us tired and sap our strength. Athletes should be in cool places and drink enough water when they are resting. Players should be switched regularly, so they can avoid overheating and stay hydrated whenever possible. During the summer and while doing intense activities, we shouldn’t just drink when we are thirsty.

It is important for us to avoid being dehydrated and if we are thirsty, then we are already dehydrated. Instead of guzzling a big bottle of water after an intense one-hour physical activity under the sun, we should have small drinks frequently. Water should be a great way to keep ourselves hydrated and it is also important to add some electrolytes. However, we should avoid consuming sports drinks, due to their high sugar, caffeine and taurine content. During strenuous activities, our body loses a lot of water and electrolytes. Some simple carbohydrates could also provide us with quick boost of energy.

Some types of summer sports; like baseball, golf and tennis allow us to wear hat; so we should wear it whenever we can. Headsweat is a good accessory that we could wear. It has band lining that prevents sweat from entering our eyes and made from breathable material. It is actually a good thing if our hat is soaked with our sweat, because it can easily transfer heat from our head. It will make our head cooler and this will allow us to better manage our core body temperature.

It is a good idea to choose loose-fitting and light clothes. Brighter or better, white clothing should reflect light. We could become hotter if we wear black clothing, because it could absorb light, which is converted to heat. With loosely fit clothes, we should allow our skin to breathe and we will cool ourselves off. It is also a good idea to put bottles filled with cold water on areas close to arteries. In general, by resting in cool areas, staying hydrated and wearing proper clothing, we should always be able to stay active during summer.

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