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Modern Interior Design With Decorative Ceilings

Along with adding complementary furniture and decorative elements, other sections of the house also need to be furnished to give an elegant look to the house. Creative designs on walls and ceilings not only enhance the house appearance but also save the time from further decorations. In this article, we will go through a comprehensive guide to designing the ceilings.

The ceiling is an interior upper portion of the room that covers the trusses and any other unnecessary materials. Ceiling designs depend on the available space and the room type. For instance, certain rooms are equipped with simple ceiling while other feature very complex ceilings. Traditional ceilings normally feature  crown moldings or decorative beams. Modern ceiling designs are characterized by intricate details, curves, and several ceiling layers to present a contemporary look.  Following are some of the useful tips that should not be missed when planning a ceiling design.

Consider the Kind of Space

You don’t have to simply select the attractive ceiling design and apply where ever it is required. Firstly, you have to choose the room where ceiling work is expected. The key to success is that ceiling design match the room interior and your taste. Usually, intricate designs are selected for the living room, family room, and bedroom; design consists of fine details, unique textures, and complex structures. On the other hand, bathrooms are fitted with simpler ceilings.

Modern Interior Design With Decorative Ceilings

by Decoroption

Know your Interior’s Style

Apart from considering the type of space when deciding on a ceiling, you have to make sure that your ceiling design will be able to produce the desired interior. Hence, a drop ceiling with hidden lights is ideal for giving a contemporary look to the room. You can either install it at the perimeter or in the middle of the ceiling. For a conventional appearance, you can apply cathedral ceiling or simply crown mouldings along the edges.

Modern Interior Design With Decorative Ceilings

by Signature Interior Designs

Determine Lighting Positions

Lights are a vital part of any room as these possess the capability to accentuate the decorative details of your room. You have two options to finalize the lighting scheme of your room. Firstly, decide the points where you want to place the lights; this will help you with designing of your room ceiling. Lighting and ceiling design should complement each other- if you achieve in doing it, you will surely be having a stunning room décor.

Modern Interior Design With Decorative Ceilings

by Greenside Design Build LLC

Know Ceiling Height

The height of the room is another important factor that determines the ceiling design. For instance, adding a drop ceiling to the low ceiling will be the worst decision; it will substantially reduce the room height. Instead, you can consider painting it with light colors and adding few textures to make the room airy and wider. There are many design options available for high ceilings.

Modern Interior Design With Decorative Ceilings

by onegetall

Choose Ceiling Colors

The ceiling color profoundly influences the outlook of the room. Usually, it is better to select bold colors for spacious rooms to give them warm ambiance. On the other hand, small rooms that are designed with light colored paints bring a spacious feel to the overall interior. But there are no specific rules, you can select any color scheme as long it matches with the interior theme.  It is not only the colour that is important when doing a painting of the room but also the paint sheen. Using a semi-gloss sheen, for example, will help the room appear wider and ceiling higher. You can try and test different paint sheens to achieve the right results that create the perfect ambiance for the interior.

Add Architectural Features

One approach to have a dazzling ceiling is to include some structural elements to it. You can include coffered beams, upholstered ceiling boards, beadboard panels,  wooden planks,  fine art, dropped ceilings, or textured wallpapers. Get creative and try to experiment with the different materials available on the market!

Try different Shapes

You can play around with the ceiling design by applying them in various shapes. Ceilings in the shape of square, rectangle, hexagon and circle are getting popular. Square and rectangle figures are common for drop ceiling, but you can also implement circle and curvy ceilings, which give a soft and dynamic touch to the ceiling. Experiment with one of these designs as long as it is within your budget, matches your interior decor, and fits your lighting style.

Modern Interior Design With Decorative Ceilings

by The Interior Edge

Use Skylights

Skylight is another fantastic idea to make your room elegant. It allows the dazzling light rays enter into the room- filling it with warm radiance along and makes each minute detail visible. If there is not enough daylight in the room, you can craft a faux skylight with cove lighting. It gives a charming look to the room.

Different Oriented Lights

The lighting work comprises not only the placement of lights but also their orientations. It is necessary to highlight every part of the room. Shifting the light directions highlights all aspects of your interior and creates more drama in the ceiling appearance.

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