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How To Make An Emergency Blanket Fit Your Needs?

When temperatures start to fall…thank the Lord that you have an emergency blanket to keep you warm in your slumber. Call it a first aid blanket, space blanket, weather blanket or thermal blanket, it is used to reduce the heat loss in a body caused by thermal radiation, water evaporation, conduction, respiration, and convection.

A must bring gear if you are into camping, hiking, and survive the cold outdoors, just as important as your first aid kit. Their lightweight, compact size and low cost make the emergency blanket ideal to bring along. When folded it resemble a deck of cards, and when in use it’s about 56 by 84 inches. Adding some insulating clothing materials underneath increases its thermal capacity maintaining about 80% of a person’s body heat. It could be your lifesaver that could prevent the onset of hypothermia.

Do you know that the Emergency Blanket has Tons of Uses?

It does not only keep your body warm but there are also creative ways to use an emergency blanket for survival in a pinch or just simply as a tool for enjoying the beauty of nature.

  • The most obvious reason is for keeping the body warm in cold weather. Place additional clothing beneath and work your way into a sleeping mode in full view of the fantastic stars and the moon and the remarkable noises of nature.
  • In a case of emergency, it can be used as a signal device. You can fold it in different patterns to communicate that you had a mishap. It creates movement in the wind and with its bright colors it can be easily noticed. With a marker, you can write on it so that onlookers will know your adverse situation.
  • In case you run out of water, you can melt snow and quench your thirst. Place small amounts and funnel in into a container.
  • You can use it as a temporary roof for rain and sun by looping a slip knot over the corners and tying it on posts.
  • Extend your rope by twisting and fastening it.
  • Carry small items by turning it into a horseshoe pack.
  • Use it as a belt to tighten your pants by looping it.
  • It can be used as a floating device by tying off ends to create air space.
  • Use it to boil water by creating a cup with woods. Be sure that it is not too close to the fire that it burns the foil. It can also be used as an aluminum foil to heat the food near the coals.
  • Create a tourniquet, a sling, or a compression bandage in case of an injury.
  • Place it in your backpack to give additional warmth as you trek the wilderness.
  • Cutting off small pieces can be used a lure to catch fish. They are suckers for gleaming material.
  • This can be used as leggings or gaiters by covering the legs and wrap with tape to keep them warm.
  • As a pack liner or cover, it will keep clothing materials dry from the rain.
  • You can use it as a hood or a scarf as additional protection from the cold weather.
  • Assemble it in such a way that you can carry water with it.
  • Place it near the bonfire to capitalize on heat, the aluminium material will produce additional heat.
  • It can build a fire by using the sun’s reflection onto dry leaves and twigs.
  • During pleasant weather use it as a hammock as you work your way to slumberland.
  • It can serve as a pillow.
  • At night time increase your fluorescence by redirecting the moonlight or flashlight into your emergency blanket.
  • To keep your feet dry you can use them as a lining in your boots.
  • Use it as a trail marker by cutting it into strips and attaching it to trees.

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